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WP3 – Capitalizing results.

WP3 – Capitalizing results.

The objective of this action is to maintain the achieved results once the EC grants are exhausted. The expected results are that the international authorities and beneficiaries assume the results of the project, and that the ECOSAFIMED project is taken as a working example to improve marine environment management practices and artisanal fishing practices in the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore it aims to understand marine stewardship as a long-term cooperation tool between fishermen and stewardship entities. Specific activities are:

  • Signing marine stewardship agreements for a responsible fishing to involve sea users in conservation.
  • Transmitting the results to the local, national and international authorities involved in protecting marine biodiversity and in fisheries management to guarantee that the results have continuity in time and are incorporated in the practice.
  • Networking to share information and results to produce complementary benefits with the ENPI CBC MED project “Mediterranean Network of sustainable small- scale fishing communities (FISHINMED)” and with the FAO project “Assessment and Monitoring of the Fishery Resources and the Ecosystems in the Straits of Sicily (MEDSUDMED).