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WP4 – Characterization of the study areas.

WP4 – Characterization of the study areas.

This action is related to all preoperational tasks previous to field work with the objective to delimit trawl free areas used by artisanal fisheries and to characterize artisanal fleets in terms of spatio-temporal activity, target species, gear and socio-economic aspects. Specific activities are:

  • Identification of trawl-free areas by analyzing vessel monitoring system (VMS) data.
  • Bibliographical analysis and consultancy with fishermen, professional associations and government agencies to refine results.
  • Inventory of characteristic species potentially impacted by fishing and that can be visually identified on board (check-list).
  • Contact with local fishing realities to provide information about this project and to encourage and seek fishermen participation.
  • Characterize local artisanal fleets and the role and presence of other stakeholders.
  • Refining and agreeing on the definitive work protocols for onboard observers and GIS to ensure that comparable information is provided by all partners and associates.